Warm Weather Starts The Melt

Although it still looks like winter at Priddis Greens, the first melt of the spring season has started. We look forward to more warm weather required to melt the 1.5' -2.5' of snow covering the golf course.

The contractors hired to remove snow from 7 greens covered with the most snow will be finished today.

# 8 Raven green March 14th

Turf Care Staff will continue to blow snow off certain greens and tees over the next 2-3 weeks.

The main reason that snow is removed from specific greens and not others is to prevent standing water on greens that have poor surface drainge and or have excessive spring shade. One of the most important factors that contributes to healthy turf in the spring is keeping the turf dry. Snow removal helps facilitate drying of the ground and turf.

Although we have only been able to view very small areas of turf by shovelling snow and or lifting tarps we are pleased with what we are seeing so far. The next four weeks is critical to good spring conditions.