Covering Greens

Today, Turf Care staff at Priddis Greens begin day 2 of green cover installation which is the final step in preparing the golf course for winter.

The process includes installing (5-6) 12' X 100' rolls of bubble wrap plastic tarps per green, followed by covering the bubble wrap with a one piece 120' X 70' plastic impermeable cover. Once the covers are in place plywood strapping is spiked into the ground on 2' centers along the perimeter of the cover to secure the tarp from wind.

It takes 6 - 8 staff approximately 1.5 hours to cover each of the 15 greens that requires covering. Wind is the greatest challenge while installing these covers as both the bubble wrap and the non permeable covers are easily blown away in light to moderate wind conditions.

On a average non windy day, staff will be able to complete 5 greens. We hope to be able to have all 15 greens covered by November 3rd.

Turf Care staff Installing the bottom covers (bubble wrap) on 5 Raven green.

Number 8 Raven green after the tarping process is complete