Golf Course Update

Golf Course Opening :

As the snow melts, Turf Care staff are working on preparing the golf course for opening. The back nine Raven has the least amount of snow and there are now only 6 greens on the entire golf course that are still covered in snow / ice.

As the snow melts and  frost comes out of the ground, staff are preparing each area of the Golf Course as it dries out. With some warm and dry weather, we forecast that the  golf course could open by the week of April 23rd - 27th. At this point, we are working toward having all 36 holes open by the end of April (weather dependent). As conditions improve we will update that forecast with a more accurate projection.

The back nine Raven will open first, followed by the old Hawk holes, then either the front nine Raven or the new Hawk holes depending on snow melt and completion of the flood control work from last fall.

The Photos below show a few of the projects and a variety of conditions out on the golf course.
Blowing snow off 18 Hawk green Wednesday April 11th
Bridge removal and erosion control rock work near 10 Hawk green.
Sweeping Debris after Verti-Cutting (April 10th - 12 Raven)
Snow Covered Fairways (Monday April 9th)
Shaded holes remain covered with snow April 9th


  1. Glad to see the progress. Good work to you and your team. Dave


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