15 Hawk Green Construction Update

The construction process of the rebuild on 15 Hawk green has gone very well during the first eight days. The contractors (builders) from Goodwin Golf together with Priddis Greens staff have worked sun up until sun down everyday to take advantage of the dry weather.

The following list highlights the sequence of events that have been completed or worked on so far.

1) Demolition - All of the old sod from the 15th green and surrounding area had to be removed and hauled off property. The sand root zone from the green and bunker sand was also hauled away from the site. Normally a green has 12" of sand / peat root zone mix on it, however more than 36" of sand was removed from the old green. More than 150 tractor trailer loads of material was moved from the site to the Turf Care staging area to be recycled or hauled off site to a compost facility.

2) Tree Removal - Selective tree removal was performed along the back right corner of the green to reduce the penal aspect of a shot missed by a few yards. This will provide golfers enhanced options for recovery shots after an errant tee shot.

3) Earth works / Shaping - The shaping of the new green complex was completed in a day. The new green complex included shaping the green, bunkers, fairway and green surrounds (rough). The old green used to sit below the surrounding area and the new green sits above the surrounding area. More than 100 tonnes of fill (clay) was required to build the base for the new green.

4) Greens drainage / Gravel Layer / Root zone mix - Over the weekend the contractors completed the installation of drainage on the green, added 4" of drainage gravel to the base of the green then installed 12" of sand / peat root zone to very close to the final grade of the finished green. The new green shape and size  is now in place.

5) Drainage and Irrigation - After the new golf hole starts to take shape, more drainage and the irrigation system is installed. This collaborative effort between Goodwin Golf and PG Staff started on Monday September 30 and should be complete by Wednesday or Thursday of this week.

The Next Steps: Schedule (Weather pending)

1) Complete drainage and Irrigation -  (Completed Thursday October 3rd)
2) Bunker construction / bunker drainage / Sand installation -  (Completed Thursday October 3rd)
3) Topsoil - (Thursday - Saturday, October 5th)
4) Finish grade work - (Saturday - Sunday, October 6th)
5) Sod  (Monday - Tuesday, October 7th - 8th)
6) Grow in (Remainder of October)


First Day of Demolition (Old 15th Hole)


15 Hawk following sod stripping
The New Green Taking Shape
Bull Dozer Pushing Root zone on The New Green
Shaping New Bunker On The Right of The Green