14 Hawk Errant Golf Ball Issue

Subsequent to the presentation of the Club’s 2014 Capital Plan, the Club met with homeowners who live adjacent to the Hawk 14 tee boxes. At this meeting the Club presented to these residents the Club’s plan for dealing with the errant golf ball issue on that hole.

A few days after that meeting one of the residents graciously offered a portion of their land to allow the Club to shift the tee boxes far enough north to make the shift a viable alternative to installing a screen by the tee. After being offered that option, the Club asked the Club’s designer to consider if the shift north would be an answer to the errant golf ball issue on that hole. The designer came back to the Club with a plan that would indeed see the tee boxes moved north, trees planted on the right side of the tee boxes (on 2 of the lots) and the fairway and the addition of 4 new bunkers located in the middle of the fairway.

The shifting of the tees closer to the property line (north) is the same tactic the Club used with good success on Hawk 4 and 10 and it is designed, along with the new trees planted along the right side of the tee and along the hole, to direct golfers to hit their shots more to the left. The strategic addition of the bunkers in the fairway is intended to encourage members to lay up in front of the traps using a hybrid or long iron club, clubs that golfers normally have more control over with less likelihood of having bad errant shots with. In addition to shifting the tee boxes the farthest back tee and the middle tee will be combined to create one long tee thereby giving more teeing area and adding more variety to the member’s tee shots.

(see larger version here)

The Club anticipates the shifting of the tees, the addition of trees and the installation of the fairway bunkers will substantially reduce the number of errant balls leaving the Club’s property.

The cost of the work will be slightly less than the cost of the screen. The Club will start work on the hole during the week of May 5-9, if weather cooperates. The Club’s contractor believes the project will take 2 weeks with good weather. The golf hole will be closed during construction, with the potential of playing the hole as a par 3 after the new bunkers are built. It is the intention to have the hole completed as soon as possible and to allow the members to resume playing from the tees they used to play from in the past.

The Board believes this is the best solution for this hole and will improve the hole’s aesthetics and provide the members with the length of hole they have enjoyed since 2003.