Hawk Greens renovation Update

Friday October second was a very productive day. The final load of sod for the week was 10 hours late due to a truck break down, so staff worked late into the stormy wet blustering night on Friday, sodding # 10 and half of # 9 green. The sod was laid by staff using the lights of trucks and golf carts to see. With snow in the forecast for Saturday,  the risk of the truck load of sod dying was to great to chance not getting the truck load of sod down. A negative situation was turned into a positive when a group of Sr. staff showed their best under less than desirable conditions and not one complaint from the group. #PRIDDIS PRIDE IS ALIVE!

The project was put on hold for the remainder of the weekend as  rain and snow rendered the work site to muddy to make progress.

If the weather forecast holds true for the coming week, we will have 16 of the 17 greens completed including the new number 2 green and only green # 3 will remain.