Golf Course Update May 29th 2011

Flood Repairs Almost Complete

Staff and contractors have rapped up most of the repair work from flood damage on 9,10 & 11 Hawk. With the exception of more silt removal, pedestrian bridge replacement and final debris clean up the golf course will be ready to re -open on all 18 holes Monday May 30th.

The repair work completed over the past two days has enabled us to re-open the golf course. However their will be more repair work in the near future to stream banks that have eroded and silt build up in creeks to mention a few areas.

More significant repairs to cart paths, culverts, bridges and creek banks will have to be completed in the off season to prevent this type of flooding from happening in the future.

When the golf course re - opens tomorrow it will be very wet, and golfers must be extra careful to not walk through silty areas and track mud onto greens and tees. Pay special attention while walking next to creek banks as stabilization may be still shifting. Golfers that carry or pull their clubs will have to use the cart path on 9 Hawk and 11 Hawk to cross the creek as the pedestrian bridges have not been replaced yet.

I would like to give a special thanks to the Turf Care staff, many of whom worked early morning until late at night for 3 days straight and numerous staff came in on their scheduled days off. The summer job cutting grass for many has turned out to be more than they signed up for that's for sure. Sr. staff members as always, showed great resilience and personal sacrifice to get the golf course repaired and back open for members.

Pedestrian bridges on 9 and 11 Hawk will be out of action for a few more days.
Staff washing silt off 10 Hawk fairway and final touches repairing damaged cart path at the culvert crossing 10 Hawk.
Turf Care staff mowing fairways with ride on greens mowers. The ground is so soft that regular mowers would do damage.
Repairs now complete on 9 Hawk culvert crossing. Water is now running through the culvert and not over the path. Goodwin Golf Inc.. Assisted with earth work and rock replacement to repair erosion.

Turf Care staff taking advantage of the Hawk valley holes being closed today. Sodding winter kill turf beside 9 Hawk tee was worked on.