Golf Course Update May 7th / 2011

Number 16 Raven ready to go

Back Nine Raven To Open Monday - What to expect.

- Greens: will be in Range

- Tees: Good Condition. Members will be using new Turf Hound mats on par 3's until the turf starts actively growing. The club has switched to plastic tees exclusively this year. Check with the starter for inventory.

- Fairways: Fair condition but wet

- Rough: Dormant and thin from snow mold damage

- Bunkers: Some bunkers will be raked and others will be covered in snow.

- Cart Path Ruling: Paths only until the fairways dry up and the turf damaged by snow mold has started to grow.


*Reminder that we have gone to a single colour flag system  this season so you may want to take a pin sheet if you don't carry a GPS or Laser.

*The golf course will open on a no frills basis until all 36 holes are up and running. This essentially means that staff will be prioritizing opening the remainder of golf holes instead of fine tuning the holes that have been opened.

*Winter rules are in effect (Is it still winter?)

After 20 mm of rain on Friday, the Turf Care staff are hand raking to prepare the Raven back nine for opening. It is too wet to get equipment out on the golf course.

Update For A Remainder of The Golf Course
- The Old Hawk nine will be opened on Wednesday May 11th

- The new Hawk nine (6-14) has some snow remaining and is very wet. Staff continue blowing snow but have been unable to perform any spring clean up tasks with the exception of preparing the putting surfaces which look good. This new Hawk nine will be the next set of holes to open up following the old Hawk. Staff need dry conditions to prepare for opening.

- The front nine Raven has the most amount of snow remaining. The snow is melting rapidly however conditions are extremely wet, preventing staff from performing spring clean up with the exceptions of the putting greens which look good. The front nine Raven will be the final nine to open.

Number 4 Raven Fairway (May 7th, 2011) - After staff removed snow in grid lines to facilitate melting.

- Short game practice area: Staff have spread most of the snow around and are waiting for it to dry to finish the clean up. We hope to have this area open in the next few days.


Cart path relocation and paving: The trees and stumps have been removed and the new path has been excavated on # 16 Hawk. Unfortunately the rain 20mm last night has slowed this project down to a crawl. Looking at the forecast I am certain that contractors and staff will be working on this project for the first few weeks that members are out enjoying the Hawk golf course.

New cart path excavated to right of the current path 16 Hawk (photo looking back from green to fairway).

Removing stumps from left of 18 Hawk tee(May 7th) - preparing to widen the cart path.

Irrigation Installation 18 Raven Green: Irrigation Manager Steve Lockhart is busy installing new irrigation around 18 Raven green. This project will fix a deficiency around 18 green that will provide improved irrigation system performance, increase efficiency, reduce labour and also provide more consistent turf conditions. Steve and his guys are working very hard to get this project wrapped up prior to the rain that is forecasted and Monday's opening.

18 Raven irrigation Installation (May 7th / 2011)