Golf Course Update May 3rd 2011

Although it wasn't a very warm day we did lose alot of snow today. Turf Care staff continued to blow, shovel and spread snow to help it melt quicker. The following photos show each of the back nine Raven holes. We will be focusing our efforts during the next few days to help spread and move snow on holes 13,14&17 the holes have the most snow. Once the snow is gone and the ground has had time to dry, staff will continue verticutting, harrowing, sweeping and mowing of all turf areas in preparation for opening day.

It is still to early to forecast an opening day, however we would expect to have the back nine Raven open sometime next week and the old Hawk nine is usually a few days behind that. We should have a better idea on an opening schedule by the end of this week.

Back Nine Raven Photos

10 Raven Tee
11 Raven<
12 Raven

13 Raven
14 Raven
15 Raven
16 Raven
17 Raven
18 Raven

1 Hawk - Fairway remains largely covered in snow

1 Hawk fairway very wet as snow continues to melt