Golf Course Update

Stringy Fairway Cut Turf

18 Raven fairway on Saturday July 2nd - The fairway has an off colour appearance.
The tips of the turf on select back nine Raven fairways have this stringy fibrous appearance.

Each season during the summer, there are a few fairways on the golf course that the turf becomes stringy giving the fairway an off white appearance. The older Poa Annua turf on Raven holes 10,12,16 and 18 are particularly prone to this condition. This stringy condition normally follows an wet period when mowing schedules are disrupted and the grass grows longer than usual requiring extra mowing to get the fairway turf back to normal playing height of cut.

When the individual blades of grass become stringy it becomes very difficult to get a clean cut and the stringy blades get longer and messier looking.

Staff have been and will continue to brush the fairways to stand the turf up and mow the turf with a lower height of cut to mow under the stringy turf in order to remove the fibrous strings. Alternating mowing patterns and mowing directions on these fairays will also help to control this condition. This process will be repeated until the stringy turf is eliminated or reduced to a tolerable level. Brushing and cutting the turf at a low height of cut can add stress during hot weather, so staff may only be able to perform this process on a limited basis this week as the forecast is for hot dry conditions.