Golf Course Update

From Flooding to Draught

Its hard to believe that after what seemed like two months of flooding and excessive moisture the golf course is finally firmed up and in some spots getting dry. For the the first time this season staff have been irrigating tees, greens fairways and rough for the past 3-4 days.

One of the irrigation challenges that staff are being faced with is handling water springs popping up in random areas while the area next to the springs are dry. Often this requires hand watering which is labour intensive.

Turf Care staff have also been challenged with the automatic irrigation system shutting down in the middle of the night the past 2 nights in a row. The irrigation pumps tend to shut down when they are running on dirty power. The Priddis Greens area is very prone to dirty power supplied by our energy supplier which wreaks havoc on the irrigation system.

When the irrigation system shuts down during the night, staff have to re start the system when they show up at 5 am. Because there is not enough time to re run the entire irrigation cycle before staff and golfers begin at 6:30am, the golf course runs in deficit moisture requirement.

We are currently trouble shooting the problem to determine if there are possible internal solutions to this issue while simultaneously working on having our energy supplier fix their issue. This issue has been an on going challenge for many years and an external solution is not likely in the immediate future. If there are any members that may have influence with Fortis, your help would be welcome.