Paving 16 Hawk Cart Path

Paving 16 Hawk cart path on Tuesday afternoon July 5th

Priddis Greens staff hauling asphalt out to the contractors by tractor and trailer

The paving of 16 Hawk cart path was started on Tuesday July 5th and completion of the paving should be completed today July 6th.

The process is some what slower than a standard paving procedure due to the fact that the trucks hauling the asphalt can not access 16 Hawk due to the hills and trees near the golf hole. The asphalt trucks are dumping the asphalt in a staging area and Turf Care staff must re load asphalt into small trailers and haul the asphalt to the paving machine on the 16th hole. This process is slower than normal due to the fact that all materials will be doubled handled and the trailers used are 25% of the size of tandem trucks normally used. However utilizing these small trailers hauled by tractors will minimize damage that would have been caused by using the larger trucks.

Golfers are being asked to drive down the fairway on 16 Hawk today and exit the hole next to the putting green avoiding the path until the paving is complete.