18 Hawk Pond Retaining Wall Reconstruction

  In late April, work began on the demolition of the railroad tie retaining wall, and reconstruction using stone around the first pond on 18 Hawk.  Over the years the ground behind the wall had started to slough. This caused safety issues for golfers, and an unpleasing appearance.

Sloughed and uneven wall
One of a few sloughed and dangerous areas

    After pulling the existing wall out and stripping the work area of sod it was discovered that most of the the area around the pond had been backfilled with sand during original construction.  This explained why the area had sloughed so badly and why so much material had 'disappeared' over the years.  This caused an unforeseen issue, whereas the sand had to be removed and replaced with clay fill in order for the new wall to be constructed properly.  Approximately 500 cubic yards of fill was brought in.
Pulling ties, often one at a time

Sand backfill that almost reached the Fairway needed to be removed

Hauling in fill, and removing sand

Fill in and bench for stonework set
   After hauling in fill and improving the work area, work is set to begin on wall construction. Filter fabric was laid out and a gravel base laid. With that the first course of stonework and base of the wall is ready to be set.

Setting the base course
    Keeping a constant eye the on line of the base, the wall began to take shape. Each layer of rock was also backfilled with drainage gravel as the wall was built.

Eyeing up the line

Halfway through base course

   Once the first course had been placed,  the real challenge began.  This wall took on the properties of a puzzle, trying to fit this rock here and that rock there.  It took many long days to get the right pieces into place and at times a lot of head scratching.

Final grading and loam before sodding    

  After a few setbacks and unpredictable but typical Priddis Greens weather events (snow)  the pond was completed on the 23rd of May almost a month after breaking ground. Thanks to Construction Foreman Ross Moore, Intern Ethan Bailey and an outside contractor from Goodwin Golf.  The result of their hours of hard work is a visually stunning wall that members will be able to enjoy for years to come!