Approximatley 2.5" (63mm) of Rain Tests The New Drainage System on Holes 6 & 7 Hawk

From Wednesday evening to Friday evening Priddis Greens received in the neighbourhood of 2.5" of rain, putting to test the new slit drainage system installed last fall on holes 6 & 7 Hawk.

During and after two days of steady rain, we are pleased to report that the drainage system is working very well. It is safe to say these two holes have gone from the wettest to the driest on all 36 holes of golf.

Holes 6 & 7 Hawk were chosen as a a test case to perform this style of drainage installation for numerous reasons,  primarily because drainage patterns from the surrounding areas impact both holes simultaneously. Also, these holes remained very wet during extended periods of wet cool weather.

While this recent rain event has provided feedback that the drainage system works very well, Turf Care staff will be observing and monitoring the effectiveness of this drainage system throughout the next few months. We expect there to be a learning period of a full season on how to best manage these holes in regards to changes in irrigation, fertilizer and topdressing strategies.

What members can now expect on these two golf holes:

1) Dry firm playing conditions throughout the season
2) Healthier turf providing better playing conditions and improved aesthetics
3) Access to these fairways with golf carts while other holes are paths only due to wet conditions
4) The slit drains will grow in throughout the golf season and be covered in by August