April 27th - May 3rd : The week in Review

As usual, spring in the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains has been predictably unpredictable. The following is an overview of the work performed last week to prepare the golf course for opening.

Saturday / Sunday April 27/28th 
Last weekend had temperatures between 14 and 22 degrees and strong winds that helped to melt snow and dry out the golf course. A staff of 35 strong worked long days over the weekend to get the golf course ready for opening nine holes on Monday April 29th.

Monday April 29th
The back nine Raven was opened on Monday morning for play, however withing two hours a snow storm blew in and the golf course became unplayable.

Tuesday April 30th
The golf course was covered in 4" of fresh snow. Most staff that had worked through the weekend were given the day off because of the snow cover. Sr. staff continued to work projects, tree work and planning.

Wednesday May 1st
- The golf course remained snow covered until approximately 6:00pm. Again staff were given the day off due to snow.
-Sr. Staff continued on projects, tree work and preparing for the next week.

Thursday May 2nd
- The back nine Raven re opened and staff continued to work on course clean up, bunker repair, verti-cut and fairway clean up, charging the irrigation system and preparing greens for old Hawk nine opening.
-  Bunker repair / clean up from winter erosion (crew of 10)
-  Steve Lockhart (Irrigation Manager) works late so we have irrigation ready for Friday to irrigate in a preventative fungicide for Take - All Patch prevention  on specific greens.
- Stump Grinding
- Repair begins on a 6" mainline irrigation break behind
- Fertilize all practice greens and original 18 greens.

Friday May 3rd
- The Old Hawk nine was opened , we are now open on 18 holes. Turf Care staff focusing all efforts on preparing the front nine for a possible Sunday opening.
- The front nine remains very wet from the recent snow fall and heavy shade. The surface moisture makes clean up from fairway verti cutting extra labour intensive and less effective. We need warm windy conditions would be terrific to help this process to get this done.
- Wetting agent sprayed on new Hawk Greens
- A rental stump grinder arrives and we begin 2 weeks of stump grinding more than 250 stumps from the winter dead tree removal program
- Fairway aeration began on front nine Raven