Drainage at 15 Raven

Exposing a French drain to catch side hill seepage

Water running onto 15 Raven green

Water has been bleeding out of the hill behind 15 Raven green for weeks now and although it hasn't rained much over the past 4 days, water flow seems to be increasing. Water has been running onto the putting surface for a number of days now making the green soft, difficult to maintain and it's compromising playability.

Steve Lockhart (Irrigation Manager)sent a camera snake up the drainage line exiting into the pond and was able to identify an old 6" drain line behind the green. After digging and exposing the drain line it was found to be a French drain that had been covered with 8" of soil rendering the drain ineffective.

Ross Moore (Construction Foreman) and his team set out this morning to remove the sod and soil over top of the French drain in order to catch the water before it makes its way to the green.

Only a few minutes after removing the saturated soil over top of the drain the water seepage seems to be entering the drain vs. bleeding onto the putting surface.

Once the guys complete exposing the French drain, we will place gravel or sand to the top of the trench and re sod the trench leaving a small gap for water to enter the drain. The final steps may have to completed once the area dries up a little more.