Golf Course Update June 11th 2011

The golf has received 2.125" (53 mm) of rain today between 5am and 3:00pm. Creeks and ponds are over flowing or bursting at the seams. We have experienced some erosion damage but staff spent the day sand bagging again and we think have minimized the damage.

With the ground totally saturated from previous rain events all precipitation seems to hit the surface and runs off or sits and puddles.

The golf course will be closed Sunday morning so staff can assess the damage and start the work to put things back together. Until water stops running hopefully tonight staff will be unable to accurately predict a re opening time.

When the golf course does re open it is going to be very wet. Wear your Dry Joys!

An update on the IVR net will be made at 10am to announce when the golf course will re open.

Total rain in the past month now over 12" or 300mm

The following photos were taken at 2:30pm today as the rain was finally letting up.

# 2 Hawk Green and bunker washed out. Staff have big job ahead in the morning. Almost all staff on their day off (again)will be coming in to help with putting the golf course back together.

#9 Hawk creek over topping the cart path. Note sand bags and a washed out bridge protecting the down stream side of the culverts rock armoring.

Water cascading over top of the cart path and down the bank as the pond on 17 Raven over flowed. Staff sand bagged and used tarps to direct water away from previous erosion damage.

#2 Hawk green under water with the bridge in the background covered in water. Water over topped this pond and flowed back into the creek behind the staging compound.

# 3 Hawk green 60% submerged in water. Bunkers also submerged and washed out. Lots of pumping water again tomorrow.

This rain is sure getting old fast. Bring on the good weather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The golf course will be closed Sunday morning while staff put the golf course back together again. An update on the IVR net system will give up to the minute updates on when we will re open.

The following photos were taken this afternoon at 2:30pm