Wednesday Night Localized Storm

At 5:00pm last night Priddis Greens received 12mm (1/2") of Rain / hail in 20-30 minutes.

The golf course was just starting to show signs of drying after last weeks flooding and 6" of rain.

Ten Hawk creek culvert overflowed and damaged repair work that was performed following last weeks flood. Staff had just finished preparing 5 Raven rough in preparation for installation of 1/2 acre of sod this morning. That project will now be on hold until the soil is dry enough to work on. Members will need to be careful to not walk through the wet soil and track mud onto the green.

On a more positive note, the rain last night assured us we wont have to irrigate for some time now. That is potentially good news because the motors from our irrigation pumps are in being repaired following flood damage at pump house # 1.