Golf Course Update June 22nd / 2011

10 Raven and Cart Path Slumping

The 10th green and cart path near the green are experiencing slumping or settling from ground movement likely caused by the excessive moisture in the ground.

Slumping or settling on the right side of 10 green Raven

Cart Path Slumping and separating

Following a few days of the green and path slumping the Club spoke to Geotechnical Engineers about the situation and they recommended closing both the 10th and 11th holes until they could evaluate the situation.

After the inspection performed by AMEC (Geotechnical Engineering Firm) on Tuesday June 21st, the 10th and 11th holes were re opened as there was no immediate safety concern identified other than at the cart path.

AMEC spent a few hours inspecting the areas affected by the slumping in and around the 10th green and cart path and will now complete their investigative work by studying aerial photos and topographic maps. While AMEC is performing this work Turf Care Staff will continue to monitor and report any changes to the Engineers. Expectations for an initial report on the situation are early next week period. We have been told that once the Geotechnical report is completed that Hydrology Engineers will likely need to come and develop a strategy for dealing with the slumping.

The cart path at 10 green will be closed until strategies for repairs are developed. While the path is closed, golf carts will be routed down in front of the green on the turf. This temporary cart routing is some what steep and potentially hazardous if carts drive to quickly on wet grass. Please use caution and drive very slow to avoid turf damage and risk of golf cart accident.